Why Pehal Preschool ?

At Pehal we believe each child is gifted.We believe that education is not dispensing knowledge,but igniting minds.We ensure to create such environment that is healthy and enlightening.

Facilities At Our School

Activity based learning

Field trips to public places like hospitals, fire stations etc and annual programs with soft gym, baby pool and sand pit.

material based learning

We have toys (materials) which are educational and designed specifically for delicate touch.

pleasant environment

Spacious, green, well-lit and well ventilated premises. Green, safe and vast playing area for students.

early childhood education

Major focus on physical, intellectual, language, emotional and social needs of children as well as envoking children's curiosity and imagination for cognitive development.

kids show

Story telling, puppet show and story creation sessions.


Library period for getting into the reading habit and outdoor games session.

We are Pehal Preschool

A Day At Pehal Preschool

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HS-9A, Delta 1, Greater Noida - 201308


0120-2320830, 9599217649, 7835806871, 8527822945



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